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Seven Deadly Habits Of The Miserable Millionaire, Habit # 1 – Judging

‘Nothing is either good or bad. But thinking makes it so.’ – Hamlet Pointing the self-righteous finger of judgment is the primary symptom of false-self-identification with ego. Judging is a core addiction that causes all the resentment, hatred, and conflict from marital bickering to nuclear war. Judging is an insidious delusion because it distorts all […]

Putting Happiness First – Not Food: A Soul-Centric Approach To Waving Fat Goodbye

‘Seek first to become thin within, thence to become thin without.’ – Anon I wanted to write a blog about my recent weight-loss success. Overweight and eating issues are such a major source of misery and hopelessness, I hope my personal experience may inspire some people to transcend the dogma of magazine ‘pseudoscience’ and take […]