My credentials: 30 years of happy clients

Over the past 30 years, hundreds of individuals from dozens of organisations have reaped rich rewards from our work.

I began pioneering ‘coaching’ in top London ad agencies in 1985 – before it was even called ‘coaching’. I’ve now worked with all levels: senior execs, fast-track whizz kids, in global corporates, owner-drivers, major national companies, business schools, high-end executive coaching groups, NLP training outfits, coaching skills trainers, indie coaches, and those with diagnosed learning difficulties – all are treated without judgment, bias, or preference by one of nature’s finest leadership development specialists – the horse.

This amazingly-powerful, pioneering work with horses has dominated the last 20 years of my life and work – video testimonials on the right.

Carlsberg UK

Probably the best leadership programme in the world” – Torsten Steenholt, Director of Brewing.

This kind of oneness leads to better performance and better bottom line” – Ian Deninson, HR Director.

I found the course very useful. It shattered some myths for me in terms of what coaching was about and, if anything, it has made me a tougher manager rather than a softer one” – Darran Britton, Marketing Director.

The structure of the programme was right to focus on ‘you as a person’ as well as developing coaching technique” – David Frost, Head of HR.

Engaging vision and values. Challenging us to think differently. Pretty powerful for a team to achieve all this in just 2 days” – Dawn Smith, Senior HR Executive

Kim Morgan, Coach, Therapist, Trainer

“I came looking at issues around success and money. Now I’m literally turning work away!The experience was one of the most lasting and amazing pieces of work I have ever done. I am telling everyone I know about ‘horsejoy’ and recommending that they experience Paul’s process.

As a therapist, coach and personal development trainer with 15 years’ experience, I was pretty sure that I had tackled most of my personal issues. Anyone who works as a coach or therapist will know how rare this kind of insight is.

Within minutes I was impressed by Paul’s ease and elegance as a coach. He engendered an amazing sense of trust in me. His calm and persuasive persistence enabled me to keep working with his beautiful horse, Serendipity. Paul skilfully interpreted what was happening right there between the horse and me as a metaphor for other areas of my life. I found myself having a profound realisation about myself and my relationships – a real eureka moment!”


“I’ve read the books, done the research and believe ‘authentic leadership’ is the model for the 21st century.

In just one day with Paul and his horses I learned more about my leadership than I could have imagined possible.

The personal insights I achieved with Paul were truly amazing, extremely powerful and, equally important, a lot of fun.” – Jo Kelly, Head of Partner Development

Interbrew UK Ltd
” It began with a miracle…This breakthrough programme is now a core part of the leadership strategy of creating unstoppable people. We can now take the business forward from an entirely new level of team harmony” – Alison Winch, Director of Learning and Development

“Although Paul is an outstanding facilitator with a profound insight into transformational process, it was the horses who were the real heroes of the 2-day workshop. Their innocent honesty and playful willingness, touched the hearts of everyone present. An environment opened up where we each had a new awareness of ourselves and each other and can now take the business forward from an entirely new level of team harmony.” – Alan Fielding, HR Director

“I finally created positive affirmations from rambling self-doubt”

“Thank you for a unique and extraordinary experience – to help me take the next step on my journey”

“I now have renewed energy and belief in myself”

” Perceptive and instructive – instinct triumphing over doubt and fear”

“The horses were particularly revealing. A vessel for my feelings”

“Learnt more about leadership and clarity”

“I learnt to take it easy and trust my judgment and those I walk forward with”

Marriott Hotels
“Creative and challenging at a core level” – Pete Johnson, HRD

“This has been a unique experience and totally different from anything we do in our leadership development at Disney. It was an incredibly personal feeling, being faced with such a huge animal and with the task of demonstrating real leadership whilst working alongside one of my direct reports. It has provided me with valuable tools to improve my leadership skills in a business environment. Many thanks for this opportunity.” – Peter Collyer,  HRD

UCL Business PLC
“Yesterday was absolutely fantastic! Thank you for an outstanding day – unforgettable. I think I have experienced only a handful of things that compare to the sense of achievement.” – Mark Flemming, Director, Service Companies

Océ (UK) Limited
“The clarity and effectiveness of the feedback from the horse is incredibly valuable, it’s hard for me to imagine how so much could be achieved in such a short space of time by using a conventional leadership simulation exercise.” – Peter Anthem, Finance Director

Big Four Bank
“I finally found I could trust the leader within. Something magical occurred working with Paul and the horses, which I could in no way find on any of the corporate training courses on leadership offered by the bank where I work.” – Laura Graheme

Spring Consultants
“I gained huge insight into my strategies. Thank you for giving me a magical experience. I gained huge insight into my strategies. I drove home still in a state of euphoria. You gave me a very special gift, and I thank you for the care, attention and great coaching skill that you personally brought to the experience.

Marsh PLC
“I discovered natural abilities to lead that I had no idea I had. It was an amazing experience. I cleared a lot of false ideas about myself, even Paul was astonished when both his horses began following me around. It was real sense of the team wanting to go with me when I step into my authentic power!” – Jeanette Cowley, MD,

Spice design
“Whatever goals you’re aiming for, whether personally or in work, I would challenge anyone not to come away with far more than they went in with. I felt utterly empowered and enriched. My experience was unforgettable.” – Jacqui Brown

“…it took me beyond what I imagined I was capable of. thank you so much it was such an amazing experience and I’m still processing it; connecting and focussing. I really didn’t know what to expect from the day the immediacy of the horses’ reactions made a huge impact on me, nothing like being ignored to tell you your strategies aren’t working!” – Nikki Hinksman

Peter Freeth, NLP Coach and Trainer

“As a therapist, coach and personal development trainer with 15 years’ experience, I was pretty sure that I had tackled most of my personal issues. Anyone who works as a coach or therapist will know how rare this kind of insight is. Paul engendered an amazing sense of trust in me. His calm and persuasive persistence enabled me to keep working with his beautiful horse, Serendipity. I found myself having a profound realisation about myself and my relationships – a real eureka moment!

The Parallax Partnership
“…not only does Paul help release the individuals’ personal authenticity, but also provides a platform for the client to achieve more sustainable change and development of their leadership skills.By combining his horse assisted learning processes with his strong coaching ability, Paul’s particular strength lies in his ability to help the individual client explore the root causes/blocks to their leadership. We use Paul in our coaching programmes targeted to the most senior executives who want to fundamentally engage with their own personal development and really develop their skills at the front end of leadership thinking.” –  Chris Rew, Founding Partner

“For over 5 years, Paul has been one of our valued partners. He has made a significant contribution and given an added dimension to our leadership development programmes. By providing a safe and powerful learning experience for the client, within a broader coaching framework, not only does Paul help to release the individuals personal authenticity, but also provides a platform for the client to achieve priceless understanding of how they “seem to gain” from their own strategies that are holding them back, and by providing powerful alternative strategies enabling them to work in a more authentic and powerful manner.” – Dr Sarah Morris

Oxford University, SAID Business School
“I enjoyed working with Paul very much. The best experiential sessions are always fragile affairs, and not for everybody, but when they do connect with participants they are much more powerful than anything else on offer. His work with horses is a great example of this approach in action, and I am well aware of the creative energy, persistence and hard work involved in developing such a session.” – Dr. Marshall Young, Fellow, Programme Director

The Academy for Chief Executives
“Thank you for the wonderful day. All 14 Chief executives were enthralled by the experience. I am not sure I have adequate words to explain how much learning you gave us. It will positively change many lives….at the beginning of the day I hated horses-now i love them…” – Brian Chernett, CEO

Kaizen Training
“A very rewarding development experience – and huge fun too” – Kimberly Hare

The Chief Executive’s Office 
“Paul’s process is really superb and I would recommend it to anyone without question. I just wish I was that good.” – John Thompson, CEO

NHS Trust
“Working with the horses was one of the most profound things I have ever experienced…what a remarkable journey” – Michele Morris, Deputy Chief Nurse

Centre for Leadership Excellence, Ashridge Management College 
“The three hours with you and the horses made me think more than all the other courses I’ve done. It made me realise how important it is for me to put myself in others’ shoes and connect. It has influenced me immediately in my work. I find I can much more easily identify with the emotions in clients and colleagues and build understanding relationships.” – Terri-Ann Humphreys

The Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust
“I learned a major lesson about myself!” -Steve Evans, Medical Director

Chantal Burns, Founder, Star Consultancy.
“A very enjoyable, fulfilling and deep learning experience. I will never forget it.”

WCRS Matthews Marcantonio

‘In a way, working with Paul saved my life. At our first session I told him how unhappy and stressed I was. How all the ghastly politics and money-grubbing was sickening me. It was seriously affecting my immune system. He looked me in the eye and asked with piercing finality, “do you want to die – or do you want to live?’ In that moment, I made the decision to live the life I really wanted. And he made sure I did. He’s the first one I trusted to share my music and poetry with. I am sincerely grateful to him.’ – Roger Matthews, CEO,

“My coaching with Paul taught me the real value of being absolutely clear about my goals. And how powerful (positively and negatively) it is to choose our words and language wisely.” – Michael Manwaring, Deputy Chairman

Alan Beswick, Vice President, Forte Hotels

‘The value is in how greatly he challenges each individual to be the best they can be.’

Saatchi & Saatchi 

“A big, big ‘thank you’ for a fantastic couple of days. The look on people’s faces at the end of the workshop expressed more than words ever could about its effectiveness. Everyone’s looking forward to working with you again.” – Michael Moszynski, Board Account Director

Lowe Howard-Spink 

“I now know I can develop the team I want. I wish I could have done this work with you sooner. It was very worthwhile.’” – Mike Smallwood, Media Director

Reay Keating Hamer 

‘I finished my 10 sessions with Paul knowing more about myself, where I am going, and how I’m going to get there. I don’t feel, think, or hope it – know it! Paul has dramatically increased the quality of my life, and helped me cope effectively with the quantity. He has been a delightful catalyst to bring about tangible and positive changes in all areas of my life. The personal and professional value of this contribution is incalculable.’ – Chris King, Board Account Director

The Leagas Delaney Partnership 

“At a time when I was going through the most challenging period of my career, Paul enabled me to get clear, get organised and develop the courage I needed to break through. He helped me realise I really am good enough to succeed.” – Bruce Haines, Managing Director

Burnbeck House Advertising 

‘I was impressed with the way you applied the outdoor tasks to the day-to-day experience. This made it infinitely more valuable than other similar courses I’ve been on.’ – Philip Batchelor, Business Development Director

UCL Business PLC 
“Yesterday was absolutely fantastic! Thank you for an outstanding day – unforgettable. I think I have experienced only a handful of things that compare to the sense of achievement.” – Mark Flemming, Director, Service Companies

Melba-Linda Schertler
“I feel like I found what I was looking for at the seminar, and don’t need to look any further – this is more than I had dared to hope for!”

Sandra Geisler
“The experience of engaging with the horses has really stayed with me. It has been an extremely powerful and deep experience for me.”

Lesley Benson

“Ordinary coaching will seem so dull now!”

Emma Taylor, Trainee Horse-assisted coach
“Utterly amazing. Words are not enough to express what an incredible day Monday was. I feel truly blessed to have been part of such a life-changing experience with the most incredible people and horses and this is indeed the right way forwards for me. Ollie and Seren were the perfect guides on our journey and there seemed to be so many different layers and subtexts going on when working with them both directly and when they were present with us in the arena – utterly amazing. I am really looking forward to the 3 day course!

Eula Rohan, Horse-Assisted Coach
“Training with Paul has made a massive difference. I have a solid foundation laid down by a true master of his field.”

Kathryn Knock
“I have no words to describe that feeling of absolute exposure, and simultaneous empowerment.”

Manuela Essig
“ I am now commited to go on with my learning, working on myself and following the quest of the truth. I now know that I am on the right track and I have the power to follow it through”

Liz Hughes – DHSS
“The experience on Tuesday was profound. Your analysis of what is going on with me made perfect sense”

Vic Bailey. Horse Trainer and competition rider
“After our initial discussion, it was clear that Paul had a unique skill in using his horses and horsemanship to help negative feeling within individuals. The day after I had a competition, I had not done as well as I would had hoped for at my previous competition, so this had already created negative thoughts. Luckily I had my session with Paul just before, I really concentrated and worked with what I had learnt. I won and increase my average percentage by nearly 4%, which I found huge as my average was taken over 6 months.

Pippa Bassan, Facilitator, Coach, New Harmony Consultancy
“It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I have no words to describe it adequately. After months I am still working through some deep issues that we brought to light. The feedback from the horses was staggeringly revealing. Delivery against expectations on a scale of 1 to 10, way beyond 10”

Myles Downey, Author, Coach, Founder of The School of Coaching.
“Working with Paul and his horses is revelatory and profound. The process allows a ‘felt shift’ in one’s relationship with an issue – that happens in the moment and stays with you – that few other processes, or coaches, can deliver. And, from someone who has been anxious around horses, it is truly a joy”

Simone Ryder (Life coach)
“My business is growing from strength to strength now with this new found energy and authenticity. The results of my day with Paul and Serendipity show up in every relationship I have: my family, my children, my clients – everyone. It’s fantastic really being myself, the leader of my own destiny and really showing my passion for who I am.”

Thomas Bartkowiak, International Leadership and Development Consultant
“I learned to focus on my true intent, to understand and visualize my goal. Conveying that intention to the elemental force, the elemental HORSE, learning to lead with intention, consistency, trust and respect yields results.”

Anne Naylor

“This whole process has been brilliant and in small steps, I am getting closer to realizing my goal of having what I do be recognized in the world and rewarded financially.”

Annette Kujander

“I have 2-4 clients per month who go through this process and the feedback is awesome. I have learned a lot, maybe the most significant thing is that I don´t try to make the process easy for the clients. My courage has grown to let the client work through their own struggles and just assist them in the process.”

Catherine Jackson

“Spending a day with Paul Hunting and his wonderful horses out in the beautiful Cotswolds is an amazing experience.

The ‘TRUE model of leadership and the heart centred approach to his clients’ development is truly magical. My reflections on my day with Paul are that in the space of a few hours I felt a profound change in myself through an incredibly powerful process facilitated by Paul in a very safe environment.”

Deloitte and Touche LLP 

“I’ve done a lot of soul-searching in my time, but in just a few hours I looked deeper into my biggest challenges in work and life than I’ve ever done before with anything. I was at a stalemate and I really got direction and the courage to go back and give some tough areas another go. The way Paul works with his horse brought humour into my frustration and brought my ‘seriousness’ into a true perspective.” – Caroline Flin

Cathy Rowbottom

“This experience was certainly different to anything I had come across before. Using the horse as a powerful metaphor and a physical task as a way of facilitating amazing insight into the things that you put in your own way to stop you achieving your potential. I loved the relaxed atmosphere created by Paul and Geri and was impressed with how Paul, in a very gentle and supportive manner, cut through my well established façade and got to the nub of one of my major issues.

If you are serious about your personal development and improving your skills and competence as a Leader/Manager this is opportunity not to be missed.”

Cecilie Kornsæther

“This whole experience has left me with a new sense of control over my own life. Every time I feel “self 1” is trying to bring my down I actually close my eyes, take a deep breath and picture Ollie coming towards me and I remember that awesome feeling and tell myself that I don’t need to be the best at everything, the most important is to enjoy what I am doing. Once again, thanks to you and your lovely wife for wonderful food, wonderful company and a wonderful experience! Med vennlig hilsen.”

Charlotte Matthewson

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Friday…it was a truly amazing day! I guess have more issues going on in my life than I realise but try my best to hide them all and that is why I found the questions so uncomfortable because it’s digging deeper than I feel I can cope with. You made me realise that I do want to face these fears….I believe that someone once said there is nothing to fear but fear itself and for me that is very true!!! What you do is an amazing and I have the utmost respect and admiration for you – thank you for a life changing day.”

Chris Doyle

“What an eye-opener! I had always known that horses were wonderful creatures, but didn’t realise how they could change my life in so many ways. Paul Hunting showed me how on his horsejoy course.”

Ashorne Management College

“Working with horsejoy can take you to places that you would not normally visit. I have worked with horsejoy for the pasttwo years, using their talents on an International Leadership Programme, this involves integrating their unique approach into a development package for aspiring high potential leaders and experienced managers alike. The horsejoy programme provides a safe and insightful opportunity to unlock the limitations that people place upon themselves, it also builds an effective metaphor for today’s leadership challenges of setting direction, providing support, challenging the status quo and enabling others, consequently there is relevance for all delegates.” –  Chris Rowles, Director of Training

Chris Chater
“It was an excellent learning experience, hard work, but very rewarding. Your coaching models are, in essence simple, and, in my circumstances, were very effectively managed by Geri, Julia and yourself – for which many thanks again to you all. The process is very powerful, and I believe leads to lasting personal and business benefits.”

Here’s a short, 3-minute video testimonial followed by a more detailed 10-minute series of interviews and case studies.