where happiness leads – destiny follows

where destiny leads – happiness follows

destiny is about fulfilling your personal destiny as you also fulfil the destiny of your company or organisation.

The main prerequisite is your desire to be happy – in the broad definition of the word – to embrace love, health, wealth, and momentous personal and corporate results.

destiny 121 is a uniquely-tailored, 6-12 month intensive to enable you to re-centre yourself in the ‘true you’, and take the inner and outer steps towards fulfilling your greater destiny.

As you embody the tenets of putting ‘happiness first’ you will find yourself more and more in touch with the spiritual insight, intuition and wisdom that emanates from the true you. As you relax, trust your higher awareness, and feel the deeper, authentic confidence grow inside, you may also find yourself less and less driven to pursue goals that merely symbolise success or attempt to disprove the erroneous feelings of self-doubt that have plagued you – up until now.

While many of your current aspirations and goals may still be relevant and important, your approach to them could change, you may wish to drop some, and a new vision of possibility may show up with its own set of goals and challenges.

You can experience destiny in-person, or on Skype/phone.

destiny plus

For groups and boards already working at a high level of support, collaboration and vulnerability, destiny plus ignites unparalleled synergy leading to momentous results and profound personal fulfilment for all concerned.

An excellent follow-up to a horsejoy® breakthrough day, destiny is also the perfect vehicle for advanced mentoring and supervision for coaches at all levels.

Browse the blogs and other pages for more info – or get in touch for an initial exploratory conversation.

The next step?

For you to get the full life-changing benefit from ‘destiny’, it’s vitally important we both equally feel we have the right chemistry to work together. Basically we need to talk it all through quite thoroughly. I’m willing to invest as much time as necessary for us to reach a decision either way.

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