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“Sometimes money costs too much.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘happiness first’ is a unique consulting service for high-achievers (however you define this) who still feel there’s ‘something missing’ in their lives.

What’s often not missing, are stress, anxiety, worry, depression, regret, guilt, resentment, pressure, feeling trapped, overloaded, sleeplessness, and all the other ingredients of ‘burn out’. Our aim is to replace all those imposters with real, deep,lasting happiness.

The happiness paradox: Being successful will not make you happy. Being happy does make you successful.

The success paradigm we encourage you to consider is the original paradigm given by the ancient masters to enable us to live a happy and fulfilled life. It is the paradigm often naturally adopted by rare individuals (like the examples above) who miraculously achieve momentous outer results without sacrificing their own inner peace and happiness.

How do they do it?

Truly successful high-achievers who are fundamentally happy know to put their own happiness first.

Not in a ‘selfish’ way – but so they can be more effective in helping others. Like putting your own oxygen mask on first – before you help your child.

Happiness is far more than ‘feeling good’ – it is a state of being, an attitude, a positive energy, a charisma that engenders high achievement, and strong desire to help others on all levels.

The erroneous paradigm we all struggle with is that happiness (love, joy, fulfilment, wealth, health, etc.) comes from outside of us. That we need someone or something ‘out there’ that we do not already have to make us feel complete and fulfilled.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When I have ‘x’ – then I’ll be happy

The success paradigm adopted by most of the world, is to seek first the outer symbols and trappings of success (e.g. money, power, relationships, property, etc.) convinced that our achievements and possessions will also bring happiness.

But trappings easily become traps. And possessions can posses us. The more you seek outside yourself for happiness, joy, love, and all the deeper qualities of a fulfilling life – tragically, the further away from it you are led. And worse, the more addicted you may become to seeking happiness where you’ll never find it!

If you’re not putting your own happiness first, you are running the very real risk of sourness, burn-out, and break-down of all that matters to you.

When I’m happy – I no longer need ‘x’ – I have something far better.

Because, despite what your normal paradigm says, the reality is your happiness is already present inside you right now. It was inside you when you were first born – before it got covered over.

Despite how it may seem, nothing or no one can ‘make’ you happy – or ‘make’ you unhappy. Except you. Either way, happiness or misery is up to you. It is your own choice.

Making this fundamental choice needs three essential ingredients:

  1. A new reference point for who you really are and where your original happiness lives inside
  2. Practice and skill in making new, empowering choices
  3. Unfailing support

At ‘happiness first’ you will find all three.

As you develop skill in putting your own happiness first, you’ll find the master key to turning your life around. You’ll find yourself on the road leading to spiritual and material rewards that don’t trap you – but liberate you to enjoy expressing your authentic self in new, more creative, more exhilarating ways.

3 ways out of your dilemma:

At ‘happiness first’ you have 3 ways to begin your journey towards deep, lasting happiness. You can work with just one approach, or mix them up in any combination that works for you.

  1. destiny
  2. horsejoy®
  3. Shakespeare’s Revelation

The next step?

For you to get the full life-changing benefit available here, it’s vitally important we both equally feel we have the right chemistry to work together. Basically we need to talk it all through quite thoroughly. I’m willing to invest as much time as necessary for us to reach a decision either way.