Do you suffer from ‘miserable millionaire’ syndrome? You find it easier to make more money than be happy with what you have right now?

the happiness paradox: making money can’t make you happy, but being happy can make you money.

The ancient masters as well as today’s wise, and wealthy say there’s only one way to have both money as well as happiness – learn to put happiness first. It’s one of life’s inscrutable paradoxes: making money can’t make you happy, but being happy can make you money.

Learning how to put happiness first is the sure way to make happiness last. It is a major, life-transforming journey. happiness first consulting is totally committed to being your partner and tour guide.

You can be wealthy and happy now.

Paul Hunting, founder of happiness first consulting, is a proven master of transformation and paradigm-shift. He is an author, thought-leader and authentic leadership consultant. An innovator in using symbology and metaphor, he’s published two astonishing, paradigm-busting books, and enabled over a thousand clients to discover the source of their own happiness.

For over 30 years, through his profound understanding, intuition, insight, empathy, and experience, he has been coaching and mentoring high-achievers and their teams to build authentic, fulfilling relationships and clear the blocks to greater self-awareness and happiness.

From this deeply positive place, his clients go on to achieve momentous results they had never imagined possible.

How? By putting their own happiness first.