Ineke Anne PittsI feel honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from the master. Paul has a brilliance about him that is uncommon.” – Ineke Pitts, Director MDF Consulting, Founder Ashvaya Equestrian Centre.

Are self-limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs robbing you of happiness?

Do you ever get thoughts in your head like ‘I’ve done my best but it still isn’t good enough‘? Of course. We all do. It’s a classic dilemma. There is a part of you that continually strives to undermine you and rob you of joy. It is a function of the mind. The mind cannot perceive reality. It cannot see the pure truth. It functions entirely by making judgments and comparisons. Good-bad. Right-wrong. Capable-incapable. Clever-stupid. Etc-etc.

In the mind, we are never good enough, always needing to prove we’re better than someone else or better than the meagre self-image we have of ourselves. If you live in and through the mind, there is no escape from dilemma. Even a less miserable dilemma is still a dilemma.

But you do have a choice – only if you can become aware of it!

If you know the difference between who your mind tells you you are and who you really are, you can choose to be the true you (and enjoy the natural happiness this brings) – or you can choose to remain in the dilemma, and settle for far less than is possible for you.

One day of horsejoy® is the fastest way to resolve a lifetime of dilemma, discover the true source of happiness within you and begin to fulfil your destiny: a life of deep, lasting happiness.

horsejoy® is the original, unique, ‘horse-assisted’ leadership development process I have been pioneering and refining since 1993. Since then, ‘horse-assisted’ work has become a global phenomenon.

With over 30year’s experience in this field, you are in the safest of hands for leadership development, as well as professional training, mentoring and supervision.

Next step?

For you to get the full life-changing benefit from ‘destiny’, it’s vitally important we both equally feel we have the right chemistry to work together. Basically we need to talk it all through quite thoroughly. I’m willing to invest as much time as necessary for us to reach a decision either way.

I invite you to take that next small step now.