‘The truth forbidden,

In Shakespeare’s verse is hidden.’

Hidden in the symbolism, cryptic allusions, and word-play of Shakespeare’s plays I have found an unsullied account of something that has become obscured, distorted, and forgotten since the very beginnings of time. As unlikely as it may seem, Shakespeare is telling us the forbidden truth about the nature of man, who we really are, why we’re here on this planet, and how we can fulfil our ultimate destiny. He is delineating the original, psycho-spiritual theology of the ancient masters that lies at the heart of all the scriptures as the fundamental basis for the great religions, philosophies, and psychological theories of the world.

When I first realised this, I literally dropped everything and wrote down what I saw in some of the great plays. This began what I am calling Shakespeare’s Revelation.

This section of the ‘happiness first’ website is devoted to:

  1. Practical Shakespeare. Application of the spiritual principles expressed through Shakespeare to increase our depth of understanding of ourselves, and bring more joy, happiness, and fulfilment into our lives.
    Practical Merchant of Venice: Antonio, high-achiever who gets cut down to size.
  2. Further research and reflections on the sublime wonder of what Shakespeare is telling us and how he is turning mystical secrets into gripping plots and inspiring poetry. I shall include further insights and revelations I get about the plays in Volume I of the books, and begin notes and blogs leading to follow-on volumes.
  3. Creating a vision of possibility for mankind that will ‘end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to‘ and reverse the environmental nose-dive the planet is making.

Working with the ground-breaking book Shakespeare’s Revelation, I’m developing bespoke 121 and group programmes to apply the cryptic (but profound) spiritual principles found throughout Shakespeare’s works in a way that liberates the true happiness that is always present within you.

Practical Shakespeare: Our fundamental, existential choice – ‘To be or not to be’ – happy

The immortal, fundamental existential choice ‘to be or not to be’ is at the very heart of all Shakespeare’s works. Although it is not made explicit until Hamlet, it subtly permeates the entire works.

I call this ‘Shakespeare’s Choice‘: are you willing to choose ‘to be’ true to the true you and gain the deep, lasting happiness that resides within, or do you choose not to be true to the true you, and suffer the dilemma, confusion, insecurity, fear, and sadness of the false self and its neuroses?

In the first volume of Shakespeare’s Revelation: his hidden key to spiritual fulfilment, I have set out to capture just some of the genius and mind-blowing wisdom of the most enlightened poet and playwright the world has ever had.

v3 front cover“Brilliant and beautifully written. I could not put it down. William himself would be proud of you!” – Anton Lesser, Actor (Wolf Hall, Hollow Crown, Game of Thrones, Endeavour…)

Available for a limited period as a free download, it is a banquet of delights for those who love Shakespeare and the fascination of cryptic puzzles and codes.

In his uniquely cryptic way, Shakespeare is continually extolling the same philosophy as ‘happiness first’ – encouraging us to awaken the truth and joy that lives in our soul.

You can read it simply for the joy of experiencing Shakespeare’s love and wisdom at a deeper level. Or as a programme of life-changing paradigm-shift exercises to increase your sense of self-awareness and discover your own true source of deep, lasting happiness.

In its own way, the book is a masterclass in how ‘thought experiments’ and paradigm shifts can astonishingly transform even the works of the most-studied, most-venerated playwright, poet and dramatist of all time.

Shakespeare’s Revelation ensures Shakespeare’s place next to spiritual giants such as Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Aristotle, Mohammed, and many other mystical poets like Khalil Gibran, Rumi, and Hafiz.

Next step?

For you to get the full life-changing benefit from this work, it’s vitally important we both equally feel we have the right chemistry to work together. Basically we need to talk it all through quite thoroughly. I’m willing to invest as much time as necessary for us to reach a decision either way.

I invite you to take the next small step.

Practical Merchant of Venice: Antonio, high-achiever cut down to size!

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